Refutip – the Refutip system includes a tractor, slightly modified to include a compressor to operate the pneumatic braking system on the Refutip trailer and an electrical take-off for braking and signalling light to comply with Road Ordinance requirements.

Refutip Multi-Bin System – this is an adaptation of the Refutip System to make it suitable for use when the Refuse Disposal site is more than 20 kilometres from the refuse collection area.

Power X Chassis and Container System – the Power X Chassis is a robust, hydraulically operated tractor-drawn trailer which can pick up, transport, tip and deposit a variety of purpose-built containers. Types of containers include the Scowback, Flat Bottom, Bulk Grain, Waste (Refuse), Semi-Liquid and Water Tank

Waste Collection Trailers – the 15 and 20 cubic metre Trailers can be loaded by hand and tipped rear ward to empty refuse at the dump. Capacity is normally 20 cubic metres but this can be varied to suit customer’s requirements

Ash trailers – these trailers are also custom-made to customer requirements.

Tractor Front End Loaders – this is suitable for loading loose holes in open cast mines, etc.

Repair / workshop – AIM has a SABS certified workshop, maintaining and manufacturing the products sold by the AIM Equipment.

Massey Ferguson tractors – AIM Equipment has exclusive geographical selling, repairs and servicing rights for Massey Ferguson tractors, implements, planters, ultivators, harvesters, balers etc.